(SanskritPāliयोग yóga)

Yoga is breath,  the lengthening of the spine, a release of old pain, the quieting of the mind.

At The Place at Center, we use meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) and asana (poses)  to bring mind, body and soul into balance. We practice to  improve posture, flexibility and vitality. For those  with commitment, the reward is moksha–the release of suffereing.

Classes are designed to  help you move at your own pace. We have mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps and chairs to aid you in your journey.

We often include at least one Restorative yoga pose during our classes.  Sometimes a whole session may be devoted to Resotrative Yoga  at which time the body will be supported by blankets, bolsters, blocks, chairs, straps in poses designed to allow complete relaxation. When the body and mind release all tension, they also renew and revitalize.

Yoga at The Place at Center

Yoga sessions take place each week at The Place at Center in Canastota, NY. Check out the “Sessions” page for details.

All sessions take place at The Place at Center, located at 108 Center St. in Canastota, New York.