April yoga classes

Mondays 6 pm

Tuesdays 11 am

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We love to walk this trail where October pours its gold over it near sunset. The radiance of the sun makes our shortened daylight brilliant to behold.

It is of course harvest time where we are, a time for readying ourselves to go inside, to savor the fruits of the seeds we’ve planted and nurtured all season.

The practice of yoga, invites us to reap what’s sown within us, within our bodies, minds and souls.

October is a perfect time to step on to the path with Vrksasana, the tree, rooting into the earth while opening branches to the sun.

Welcome the light, invite it in.


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A stand of black-eyed Susans is full of sunshine and even though it’s a reminder that summer’s ending for this year here, the blossoms leave this beautiful season with a smile. September begins with the order of back-to-school and restored daily routine. With that, we come inside and embrace the next season with renewed resolve and intention to bring the mind, body and spirit into greater balance.


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Little Miracles


Each day is filled with little miracles.

Yesterday, while we were having lunch in an oceanside restaurant, a German lady dressed in flowing and colorful clothes, laid two roses on the floor by my chair, hurriedly told us to guard them and then ran off as we looked on a little bewildered.

She returned within a few minutes, laid one of the roses on the table by my plate and told us how she took them from an arrangement because the roses were not tended the way she thought they should be.

She ran off again returning a little while later handing me an arrangement of greenery she picked on the premises of the restaurant to add to my rose.

After lunch, I walked through the restaurant on the way to our car proudly carrying my bouquet with women envying me love for the symbol of my rose and greenery while the staff most likely recognized where it all came from. I could have
asked “why me,” but it is 2016 after all—

2016 will be year of small miracles and a shift in
energy. Do you feel it?

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Life is Full of Miracles When You Least Expect Them



One day not long ago, I was invited to a friend’s house to meet her Reiki mentor, Murray. Murray was visiting from Missouri. The  whole time we were chatting at my friend’s table, my hands felt vibration, my heart area felt heat. I knew there was something special there.My friend was generous with her guest mentor. I had the opportunity to ask him questions about my Reiki practice, what I feel and why I feel it. His answers were sage.

Murray  worked many endeavors and lived in different places in this area.  About 20 years ago, he owned a horse farm in Hamilton.  He knew I had to leave shortly to teach yoga so he asked me if I had time to listen to one story. Yes, I replied.

One day, a man called him and asked him if he had a horse farm and stables and if it was located on many acres adjacent to Lake Moraine. Murray said yes he did. The voice on the other end told him that if he would have 4-5 of his best horses ready in the barn for riding and free up his day, the other horses and his riding stable would be well cared for. He was asked to not to ask questions or share this phone call with anyone. Murray agreed.  He thought, “Someone else was going to care for the other 15 horses and do his daily work and all he had to do was lead a ride, why not?”

At the appointed time, a car drove up to the barn. Out stepped what he termed “some unusual looking” men. He thought to himself, “ok so they look different.”

After greetings, they mounted the horses and rode for about 5 hours over his land into state land and back again.  During that time, the leader of the unusual looking men told Murray that he used to ride yak, camels and horses and that it was a long time since he had such an opportunity to ride the land like that. He remarked about how much he was enjoying being on horseback again.

When the party of  horses and riders arrived back at the barn, they dismounted.  The leader came over to Murray. He placed his hands on Murray’s shoulders dispensing a special blessing. Murray told me his life has not been the same since that moment.

That man was the Dalai Lama who was being harbored at Colgate University.

As Murray was telling me this story, I watched him stand up, come over to me and put his hands on my shoulders. He then transferred to me the same blessing as he received from the Dalai Lama.  His eyes were full of tears, his emotion was profound. He said, “you will make a difference.”

Imagine how easy it was to drive home after that!

Life is full of miracles when you least expect them.  For a few years, I have been the first one in line at the “no tickets available” line to see the Daiai Lama–both at Colgate and Cornell.  Who would have guessed that he would come to me at my friend’s house out on a country road in the form of a 70+ year old stranger?

Epilogue: I did eventually have the opportunity to see the Dalai Lama speak at Syracuse University.


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