Precious Human Birth

Tashi Delek--sending blessings to Sampa Lhundup, Tibetan Woodcarver who created this elegant art work.

Tashi Delek

“Because being born a human being gives you the ability to do so much for your karma (both good and bad) it is seen as a precious opportunity to help your fellow man and possibly even attain enlightenment.

The story goes, imagine there is a turtle adrift at sea that only surfaces every 1000 years. Now imagine there is a small ring in this vast sea. It is more likely for the turtle to accidentally poke its head through that ring than to be born a human being. 

Treasure the good work you can do with your life!”

Honoring artisan Sampa  Lhundup Tibetan Woodcarver who created the elegant wood carving of a turtle emerging from the ocean with a ring around its neck.

Thank you to the Mandala Journey for this story.

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