Why Would I Want to See the World Upside Down?

Going upside down or into an inverted yoga pose may take a bit of courage, BUT the rewards are enormous!!!

Gravity from another perspective

“What’s in it for me,” you ask?  Well, rejuvenation for one, revitalization for two–and a whole lot more!

There are several inverted asanas (poses.)  Some of the most  popular are Vipiritikarani (legs up the wall,) Sarvangasana (shoulder stand,) Halasana (the plow)  and sirsasana (headstand.)  All have similar benefits, but the King of Asanas according to BKS Iyengar is SIRSASANA–headstand. In the photo at right, you see a supported inversion on the rope wall for those who would like to ease into the practice of headstand.

Headstand has tremendous positive effects on the mind, body and spirit.

The first thing it does is to reverse the effects of gravity that wear us down. Gravity keeps us from flying off the planet, but it also presses our blood and fluids away from our head and heart toward our feet and ankles. Do you find that your feet and ankles swell after a long plane ride or after sitting for some time in a car or at a desk?   Gravity is doing that. Gravity also presses our flesh and organs downward. We are constantly working to stand up straight and strong and to move under a force that works against our anatomy.  Headstand uses gravity to help. It increases the flow of  blood  to the brain. It stimulates the thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, hypothalmus and pineal glands. This is important work as these glands interact with each other to regulate all systems of the human body.

Headstand calms and revitalizes the mind. It alleviates stress, insomnia, depression. It regulates metabolism and relieves constipation. It improves circulation, digestion, memory and concentration. It is also a very inexpensive facial as blood flowing to the head rejuvenates and brings a natural glow to the skin. In short, headstand helps slow the aging process.

Going upside side down could be a good thing.

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